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Strategically place your company or product logo where more than 4,000 hospitalists will see it repeatedly with HM17’s promotional opportunities.

Take advantage of guaranteed impressions to supplement your presence at HM17.

Window Clings – SOLD


promotional opportunities at HM17

These large promotion pieces will be one of the first things attendees see on the walk from the main hotel to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Sponsor logos will be paired with a Welcome to HM17 SHM approved message. The clings are approximately 4’ wide x 8’ high per window pane. There are 3 total window clings that can be separate images or combine to make one large image.

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Hanging Welcome Banner(s) in Walkway to Convention Center – SOLD

$10,000 each

Promotional Banner at Hospital Medicine 2017The prominent hanging banners on the walkway to the convention center are a great option for high visibility as attendees follow the banners to the main convention center area and again on their way out of the convention center area. There are two banners available; each banner is approximately 20’ wide x 4’ high.

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Media Wall


Media Wall at Hospital Medicine 2017

The interactive media wall is located at the South Convention Center, which all HM17 attendees pass on their way to the meeting space. The wall offers either video or still images on the left, center and right screens.

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Column Inserts


Column inserts are placed in high-visibility areas throughout the HM17 meeting space. There are four inserts available, all of which were selected in prominent locations and allow your message to be eye level with attendees.

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Aisle Banners and Aisle Carpet Clings

$45,000 – SOLD

promotional opportunities at HM17

Your sponsorship of the Exhibit Hall Aisle Banners (14 total) will provide the highest visibility of your company name, logo and/or product or service. This is a highly-desired sponsorship item – reserve before it is gone!

14 total clings will be placed at the beginning of each aisle in the front of the exhibit hall. Aisle carpet clings are a great visual for those entering the exhibit hall looking to start a particular aisle. Pair carpet clings with the aisle banners for extra company exposure.

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Notebooks - Promotional Opportunities HM17

Every HM17 attendee is given a notebook inside their Tote Bags to take notes, collect business cards, hold receipts, etc. Your ad will be on the inside back flap or back cover offering you great exposure to all attendees.

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Fellows Lounge


Fellows Lounge - Promotional Items at HM17

HM17 is planning for the highest attendance by SHM Fellows in the history of the program. We are anticipating over 600 Fellows and Senior Fellows! The Fellows designation is a differentiator for hospitalists who demonstrate superior leadership skills as well as a focus on QI initiatives within their institutions. Supporting the program by hosting the exclusive Fellows Lounge is an opportunity to meet leaders in the profession, and to demonstrate your company’s commitment to seeking out the best in the field!

Show your support of this elite group of SHM Fellows as they meet to network, relax, refresh and regroup. SHM has 1,296 fellows, 584 who came to HM16. The Fellows Lounge is a private area for Fellows only that includes comfortable seating, refreshments, and the potential for flat screen TVs, charging stations, and free Wi-Fi access. Although this area is private, it has been strategically placed in a highly visible/trafficked space to encourage HM17 attendees to become Fellows who are not.

There will be space for your company’s name, logo and product/service to be seen on strategically placed signs as well as a table to place your company literature. In addition, all coffee mugs will display your company’s logo for increased impressions and visibility. Last, but not least the HM17 Fellows Lounge will feature a step and repeat display featuring both your logo as well as the Fellows branding. In true Vegas style, the Fellows can get their VIP pictures taken!

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NEW! Grab the attention of HM17 attendees while they are re-energized and excited after the meeting with this brand new sponsorship option:

Hospital Medicine 2018 Save the Date Magnet Mailing


Magnet - Promotional Item Oppotunity at HM17

This new item is a unique opportunity to have your company logo on a highly visible and memorable HM18 Save the Date Magnet that will be sent to almost 30,000 members and prospects Nationwide. This will be sent out after HM17.

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Escalator Clings

$20,000 – SOLD

promotional opportunities at HM17
All HM17 attendees must go up the escalators to get to the meeting space – take advantage of this high-visibility sponsorship option!


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Water Bottles

$15,000 – SOLD

Water Bottle Promotional item at HM17

We’re in the desert, right?! Quench the thirst of all attendees while they refill their water bottle with your company logo on it. This item is sure to be a hit with all of the attendees this year as bottled water will not be available at HM17!

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Tote Bags

$25,000 – SOLD

Tote Bags at HM17 - Promotional Opportunities

Have your company name and logo at every attendee’s side as they carry their official HM17 tote bag from room to room. Your brand visibility will endure as attendees bring their tote bags home for use in the office and hospital. Take advantage of this enduring sponsorship and premium item!

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Pens – SOLD


Pens - Promotional Opportunities at HM17

Place your company name/logo on the official HM17 Pens. With this unique opportunity, your branded pen will be placed in over 4,000 attendee’s Tote Bags for use throughout the meeting and beyond.

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Lanyards – SOLD


Lanyards at HM17 - promotional opportunities

Reinforce your company’s support by literally “hanging-around” every attendee’s neck during the meeting. Attendees can’t enter sessions or exhibit halls without wearing their badge, so you have guaranteed exposure!



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